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About Me Olde Gun Room

Over the years, I've managed to collect quite a few guns.

I have recently moved to Mexico full time. This creates a problem because Mexico does not allow me to import my firearms. They have been in storage for a couple of years and I guess the time has come to sell some guns.

I am not a gun dealer and these guns are privately owned.

This website is a working inventory of my guns. As it stands, most of the guns are included. Please check back to find new additions.

I want to reduce my personal collection. I won't be selling all of them. Just trying to get the numbers manageable. I had a choice of either marking them at what I felt they were worth or mark them up and let buyers talk me down. I think I've done a pretty fair job as I haven't had to compromise yet. If you feel a price is out of line, please feel free to "call" me on it. You might change my mind.


Feel free to contact me at 972-325-4032 or press HERE for email. The guns are kept in climate controlled storage and are available for inspection. You will notice editorial comment and a touch of nostalgia as I describe these guns. Forgive me. This is a bit painful, but must be done. If nothing else, just feel free to peruse the guns and enjoy the trip ! Thanks for stopping by ~

"I have more guns than I need and not as many as I want"

Todd Tiahrt

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